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Tune In, Tune Up and
Transform Your Health Holistically


My name is Eleonora, 
and I'm thrilled to welcome you to my online space! 

As a Holistic Practitioner and Energy Healer, my sincere aspiration is to help you start and progress your holistic journey to health.


Why holistic? Because a holistic approach takes us straight to the roots of our physical and emotional issues, starting with taking care of ourselves.


I've learnt that our mind and our body are not separate. What happens in our mind occurs in our body, so healing our wounds, whether visible or not, is the key to well-being. 


You may also wonder about the name 'Elevolutions' —it combines part of my name, Eleonora, and the word evolutions. This name has significant meaning because everything I know and the therapies I practice aren't born just from academic learning or knowledge taught by talented mentors. 


They come from my first-hand healing experience from years of physical and emotional trauma. My journey and many cycles of evolutions have allowed me to realise that my true calling is helping people like you reconnect with themselves and transform their health and lives.


Healing is an organic process. It evolves and transforms. Therefore it is essential to cultivate inner awareness and tools to address the issues naturally and confidently.

From recalibrating yourself with energy therapies or transforming your life with a nutritional approach to mindfulness practices for people with special needs, I look forward to helping you on your journey.


What my clients say

“Eleonora's knowledge of raw-vegan food is astonishing! I'm not the super healthy type: I eat everything I like, I drink lots of alcohol, and sometimes I smoke too. However, when I did Eleonora's cleansing for one week, I felt like Superwoman! Besides losing weight without feeling hungry, I enjoyed every meal/juice; my skin was radiant, and I felt full of energy.
My boyfriend and I are planning to do the cleansing regularly from now on. I also would like to invite Eleonora to my place twice a year to be my 'personal raw-food Chef.' I love her knowledge, passion, and experience about everything raw-vegan!”

- Gessica P.M.

“I’ve known Eleonora for some years and have always known her as fun, calm and knowledgeable. I asked for a session focusing on specific areas of my body as I suffer from MS, and even though our session was online, I could feel the effects and move my foot and bend my knee better than before.
After starting my sessions with Eleonora, my life has changed. I’m calmer and more accepting of my abilities and do not stress about what I cannot do as fast as I would like. I try to stay present. Eleonora has been my motivator, healer, and inspiration but, more importantly, my teacher and friend. ”

-  Michelle C  

“Eleonora is such a beautiful soul. During my session, I immediately felt so much lighter, and in the following days, I felt much more energized and balanced. She was also able to do a session for my infant daughter.
Although she cannot communicate with me yet, I feel like it helped her with her healing process following her heart surgery. I highly recommend working with Eleonora; she is very talented at what she does and genuinely cares for her clients.”

-  Molly B.

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