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From the dark beginnings of my childhood to the light of
finding my ikigai, read my holistic path to wellness. 

Traumatic beginnings

At birth, I was violently pulled out of my mum’s womb by my left arm. All the muscles’ functions were lost, and my arm was unresponsive. After such a traumatic experience with the local hospital services, my loving mother decided to take me to a blind healer. He practiced painful rehabilitation therapy on my arm until I was 12 and helped me regain a certain degree of ability.

A heartbreaking loss

I was very young when my mum got ill with breast cancer. Yet, I felt I could offer her relief with the energy coming from my hands, but nobody had taken me seriously since I was a child. I began to feel silly and deluded, losing faith in myself and my abilities. I closed up in myself and was unwilling to leave my mum’s side for the 5 long and strenuous years of her illness. When she passed, my world collapsed, and I lost faith in everything.


I grew up in a busy household with two parents working full-time and two much older sisters. The wide age gap that separated me from my siblings and the limited time I could get with my parents meant that I was left to my own devices. I ended up feeling like a loner, different, and not understood. There were many dark moments, but somehow, I felt sparkles of light and energy radiating and tingling inside me.

Wake-up Call

Eventually, my body could not take it anymore. I was always unwell and exhausted mentally, emotionally, and physically. The day came when I was diagnosed with cancer at 30 years old. This life-changing news brought a vast realisation: I loved life too much. And nature with its colours, sounds, and smells. Most of all, I loved my family and friends and would not let this diagnosis take me down. I started therapy and healed quickly, including from aggressive pneumonia. The fast recovery left the doctors very surprised.

Chasing Waterfalls

This huge emotional baggage weighed on my life, often leading to toxic relationships. I created an external façade where everything seemed well. Still, behind it, there was always an underline shadow of pain and sadness. I lived a hectic life between work and social events but never felt relaxed or comfortable within me.


Twice Over

After the illness, lots changed for me but not enough to realise my gift. The Universe gave me many opportunities and signs, still, I was too oblivious to achieve self-awareness. As I didn’t listen to the warnings and fell back into the old routine of a stressful lifestyle, 10 years later, I had a second cancer diagnosis.

New Beginnings

After two surgeries and a very unpleasant and challenging therapy, I had the most wondrous experience. It was like I left my body and saw myself from above, getting a preview of the future according to what choice I would make precisely at that moment. This cathartic moment in my life ignited the right self-discovery and inner-healing journey. I realised this was the most opportunity and blessing to find my true essence.  I found the self-belief I lacked for the first time in my life. It was like this time I knew my power, felt it deep within my soul. I knew I had to heal myself and follow my calling.

My Ikigai

Despite everything, I found my way to healing and self-discovery. This extraordinary and challenging journey has allowed me to realise my true calling, my Ikigai, which is helping others who went through similar experiences reconnect with themselves and transform their lives.

Journey to be continued

A message from Eleonora

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